Table Grapes

Celebrating over sixty years as a family-owned business, Richard Bagdasarian is one of the world’s largest independent growers of quality California table grapes. In addition to meeting the challenge of providing grapes grown in the United States for health conscious consumers, Bagdasarian has successfully embarked on a mission to grow and market unique proprietary grown grapes both conventionally and organically. Bagdasarian is committed to giving you the best tasting, highest quality table grapes grown in North America. We apply the highest standards of production to every vine we grow. Our grapes are cultivated, picked, packed and transported with the greatest care to ensure the berries you enjoy arrive in just-picked condition: plump, juicy and perfect.


As one of the largest members of Sunkist Growers, Richard Bagdasarian has the juice. Growing an array of California citrus specialties that include lemons, limes, tangerines and mandarins, our company offers top-quality merchandise to all fifty states and 30 foreign countries throughout the world packed in the Sunkist brand; one of the best labels known in the entire produce industry. Together with Sunkist we are part of a team that provides consistent supplies of virtually every citrus item in the produce department.